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An ideal backdrop for enterprise, creativity and inspiration within a newly transformed contemporary office park.

Office Park

At the heart of an historical estate lies a newly refurbished, contemporary office park; beautifully restored, with a modern edge.

Green Credentials

Part of our continuing stewardship of our heritage means we are committed to sustainability on the one hand as well as traditional building methods on the other.

Residential Properties

Find charming residential properties located on the Brooke’s Mill Estate – beautifully restored mill workers cottages, located in pleasant surroundings.

Brooke’s Mill Heritage

Be part of a genuine heritage community on the site of Britain’s longest standing independent business. Beautifully restored surroundings and a unique heritage exhibition.

Eco Environment

Our buildings have served the company for up to 200 years. As part of our continuing stewardship of this important heritage, we are committed to sustainability on the one hand as well as traditional building methods on the other.

Caring Contemporary Office Space in Huddersfield

If you think you might like to rent your office space here at Brooke’s Mill or if you’re interested in one of our workers’ cottages then you may like to learn about our environmental policy.

We believe that as the lucky custodians of such a stunning piece of the local area’s history, we have a responsibility to ensure that we respect the local environment and use reclaimed materials wherever possible.

Brooke’s Mill – Environmental Policy

Throughout the process of converting and restoring this historic estate into a fully serviced office park and residential living space, the issues that we have identified as part of our policy include:

A: Conservation of Energy

1. Reducing fossil fuels and carbon emissions. The main reduction will come from the restoration of two water turbines which were installed in 1924 and last running in 1998 for generating electricity.
2. Reducing the embodied energy in the construction process to less than 60% of the norm. This includes protecting the traditional thermal mass of our buildings.
3. Retaining heat by using super thermal wool insulation in roof voids and ceilings.
4. Reducing energy usage by fitting low energy appliances, installing energy efficient condensing boilers and installing double glazing.
5. Reducing energy used for lighting by installing low energy fittings and lamps and using lighting controls to maximize savings such as PIRs and daylight dimming.

B: Working with the Climate

1. Maximising natural daylight internally.
2. Using natural ventilation where possible.
3. Reducing water consumption by harvesting water, installing push taps and reducing flush amounts in the urinals and toilets.

C: New Resources

1. Recycling waste wherever possible and buying recycled/recyclable products.
2. Using local and/or reclaimable materials such as natural stone from our local quarry 3 miles away and traditional slate for roofing. Re-using material from buildings that have been demolished on site.
3. Buying eco-friendly products such as lime plaster, wood fibre board instead of plasterboard, water based paints and eco-cleaning products.
4. Using timber from FSC certified and sustainable forests.
5. Avoiding using material sources that harm the environment.

D: Creating Healthy and Harmonious Buildings

1. Using natural unprocessed materials where possible.
2. Using low maintenance and durable long life materials.
3. Avoiding CFC, HCFC solvents and formaldehyde.

E: Renewable Energy

Brooke’s Mill is intending to replace the two existing water turbines with new more efficent hydro generating capacity. This could provide 100KW of electricity which would provide up to 30% of the power required by the site. Although the company is looking at other renewable energy sources, it is considered that water power will have the greatest future impact in reducing our carbon footprint.


Brooke’s Mill owners, John Brooke & Sons Ltd, is believed to be the oldest family business in the UK, dating back to 1541.

If you’re looking for a Huddersfield office, Brooke’s Mill Office Park is just 3 miles from the town centre, with great links to Leeds and Manchester.

Choose a Huddersfield office from 27 to 232 sq meters at the beautiful, serviced, contemporary office park here at Brooke’s Mill.

Our Huddersfield office space can be rented on a 1 or 3 year renewable licence basis, giving you the flexibility as your business grows.

Beautifully restored with a modern edge and set in 7 acres of grounds, Brooke’s Mill Office Park provides serviced office space in Huddersfield.

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